Cthonic Aura "Abyssic Reflections In Slumber" (12")

Manufacturer: Me Saco Un Ojo Records

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Weight 285gr.
Year 2013
Format 12"

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Far beyond the understanding and down under pre meditation, lay the remains of the un corrupted, the greatness and the genius of those with the abilities and the talent of conceiving death metal the downright dangerous way. As so, that’s a sign of certainty about the the care and due respect that can be heard on those few bands, which pen songs driven by the ineherent deepest feeling. The case of Cthonic Aura is an unquestionable find, as their tunes oscillates between abruptness and smoothness, throughout sheer brutality to matchless speed, from hollow to the brilliance of smartly dosed drops of melody. Influences may even be named, identified and pointed but, in the aftermath, what stands is the the devotional after taste of these musicians (actively known for also being part of Necrovorous and Embrace of Thorns), which is the ever igniting fuel to keep alive this music, performing and carrying it in the inside, as only passion can prompt by. 500 COPIES ON BLACK VINYL, SILKSCREEN B SIDE.