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Burzum "Balder's Dod" (LP)

Manufacturer: Arcadian Music

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Weight 330gr.
Year 2021
Format LP

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This recording comes from the original tape Varg recorded "Dauði Baldrs" (originally supposed to be released under the name "Balders Død") which includes the raw unmastered tracks for the album as well as 2 unreleased electronic/techno tracks and 1 unreleased ambient style track.

Varg made these tracks in jail around 1994-1995. According to the ex-label boss of Misanthropy Records the tape was then sent to her from Varg's producer Pytten along with the mastered version of the album which was only released in 1997. The tape was later given to her friend at the Burzum Museum. The recording was uploaded to the internet for the public to finally hear in 2018 by the Burzum Museum in low quality.

This is the first time these recordings have been heard in their full undamaged quality.

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