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Foetal Juice "Grotesque" (Tape)

Manufacturer: Gore House Productions / Stillbirth Records

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Weight 60gr.
Year 2023
Format Tape

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Prepare for a violent and relentless assault on your senses as Manchester's very own death metal behemoths, Foetal Juice, unleash their latest sonic monstrosity, "Grotesque." With a sound that pays homage to early Death Metal and Grindcore legends, Foetal Juice is back with their signature blend of aggression, dark humor, and groove that will leave you gasping for breath.

"Grotesque" is a cataclysmic ode to the very essence of extreme metal, offering listeners a harrowing journey through a maelstrom of brutality. Foetal Juice's lyrical content is as darkly humorous as ever, providing a wickedly entertaining contrast to the musical onslaught. Each track on "Grotesque" is a violent masterpiece, meticulously crafted to deliver a relentless assault on your senses.