Nagaarum "Covid Diaries" (DigisleeveCD) View larger

Nagaarum "Covid Diaries" (DigisleeveCD)

Manufacturer: Aesthetic Death Records


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Weight 50gr.
Year 2020
Format DigisleeveCD

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"Although I said there wouldn’t be any Nagaarum records coming out this year, this pandemic of 2020 has interfered with my plans because it inspires me like hell. Those who are familiar with my discography will know that I wrote an album in 2014 about a pandemic that would break out in 2019. As this prediction has become reality, I feel I also have to write about the real thing. A record that would complete Rabies Lyssa as the fulfilment of the prophecy.
But I also enjoy adding a few twists to what I’m doing, so you’re about to witness a record in the making, which means that as soon as I finish recording a song, you’ll be able to hear it instantly on the label’s YouTube page. I’m going to release the album song by song. When all is done, you’ll also find the album on Bandcamp, downloadable for free.
This is quite an exciting task for me - and also for my followers, I hope - because the feedback you give me can actually influence the otherwise totally eclectic creative process of a Nagaarum record. So, for the first time, you’ll be able to guide the album toward its denouement.
The Apples album, released in 2018 by Aesthetic Death and NGC Prod, introduced my respectable guest, Roland Szabó, one of the editors of Fémforgács webzine, who enhanced the value of the record with his voice and his English translations. Unless the quarantine stops us from doing so, I’ll rely on his work once again. The entire process will be supervised by my all-time producer, Betty Varga.
I must also add that there was someone who talked me into doing this, or at least encouraged me, and he’s a good friend of mine, Tibor Szabó.
I’m not planning to catch the virus, but if it happens, the record will be done anyway – unless, somewhat ironically, I die while recording, which is not among my plans, either.
This is what you can call my humble contribution to your staying at home in voluntary quarantine – hoping that listening to my songs will make you stay put for a while."