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Ohio Slamboys "Zombie Killing Process" (CD)

Manufacturer: Pathologically Explicit Recordings


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Weight 90gr.
Year 2019
Format CD

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The story began in 2017 when a Zombie apocalypse exploded in 44035 Elyria, OH, Usa. No one is actually sure about how and why this plague started but everybody is looking for one thing....Survive! The deads are spreading fast, the military forces don't manage to handle it and governments worldwide are overwhlemed. Thankfully, in some part of this devastated world, 2 guys trained and prepared themselves in case this would happen. They are the last resort, the last weapon against this impending doom threatening the humankind. Their name, the OHIO SLAMBOYS.

2nd album / 2nd chapter : "Zombie killing process "(Pathologically explicit recordings) deals with the most important thing to know in order to survive in an Apocalyptic zombie wolrd : "how to kill them". Choose your weapon and JUST EXPLODE THE HEAD WITH ANYTHING YOU FIND.

With their second ALBUM "Zombie killing process", the Ohio Slamboys have taken their music to the next level of extrem fInding the perfect balance between a straight brutal death metal, some juicy down tempo Slamming riffs and a touch of oldschool vibes . A refreshing mix of uncompromising brutality and tasty groovyness, all covered with low gutturals and cutting piggy vocals !

SPOILER : Open the booklet of the CD and learn how the plague started, access Top secret classified documents about the virus components and learn more about Ohio Slamboys team who came to save the world !

Soils of Fate, Visceral Disgorge, Dying Fetus fans, come on !

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