Humanity Delete/Carnal Garden "Anthems Of Doom/Lethal Onslaught" (CD) View larger

Humanity Delete/Carnal Garden "Anthems Of Doom/Lethal Onslaught" (CD)

Manufacturer: Iron, Blood & Death Corp.


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Weight 90gr.
Year 2018
Format CD

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Split old school death metal beasts.

Humanity Delete: as horrifying as all that is, the song is also a highly infectious, turbocharged jolt of power which sounds as much like a full-throttle tank attack as a wolf assaulting its shivering human prey. The wicked, crackling riffs jab fast and furiously, the soloing is incendiary, the bass work is nimble, and the drumming drives like pistons. If you’re feeling woozy, this will wake you the fuck up.

Carnal Garden: Horror oozes from the song, the seething riffs and raw, braying vocals conveying a sensation of bloodthirsty madness, while the skull-thumping drumbeats and spine-shaking bass lines pull the trigger on your autonomic muscle reflexes. When the cadence slows to a morbid slog and the riff segues to a vibrating moan of misery, doom descends in the agony of death.