Yattaï "Fifty Love Hymns For Grindheads" (CD) View larger

Yattaï "Fifty Love Hymns For Grindheads" (CD)

Manufacturer: Inhuman Homicide Records


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Weight 90gr.
Year 2013
Format CD

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All the first band's year material, including split EP, CD, CD-R and even 13 unreleased tracks. 
50 songs of pure blasting mayhem and lot of surprises.

Here are the relesed featuring on this CD: 
- demo 2005 CDR
- split CDR w/GASTRICK BURST (2006)
- split CD w/CAKEWET (2007)
- split EP w/GRUNT GRUNT (2008)
- Teriak Compilation CD (2008)
- split CD w/KRUPSKAYA (2009) (unreleased)
- split EP w/FANTASTIKOL HOLE (2009)
- split CD w/JACK (2010)
- split EP w/TREPAN DEAD (2011) (unreleased)

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