Gorepot "Fermenting The Chiba Seeds" (CD) View larger

Gorepot "Fermenting The Chiba Seeds" (CD)

Manufacturer: Brutalreign Productions


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Weight 90gr.
Year 2012
Format CD

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The time has come, the long waited GOREPOT Album "FERMENTING THE CHIBA SEEDS" is gonna rule a lot of ass. The album as grew from mild suckiness to "Oh my god this is some awesome pot". We all know what SLAM death metal is all about, so yes, we have a lot of those, but we also have a lot of the elements that others don't have. The whole idea is to have loads of fun, so anything you hear that don't make sense makes instant sense once you are baked. People might take music seriously, and yes, we are pretty darn serious about making fun music. If you are looking for true musicanship or "Classic" album, no we are not classic, but we sure will give you loads of fun. So if you happen to, again, encounter a copy of the album, either like it and pick it up, or don't like just like what you do on youtube, disliking people's videos, but you can't dislike an album because there are no dislike options. If you do like it, like us on facebook and we will be your best friend just like TED the teddy bear. Peace!

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