Ziggurat "Ritual Miasma" (12") View larger

Ziggurat "Ritual Miasma" (12")

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Weight 270gr.
Year 2018
Format 12"

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ZIGGURAT are a black/death duo from Israel. Begun in 2015, they've been quietly building upon a foundation that has lain dormant until now, with the release of their debut EP. Aptly fucking titled Ritual Miasma, ZIGGURAT conjure corrupting riffs and terrorizing screaming, backed by ever-explosive and propulsive drumming. A truly morbid experience, the five tracks comprising Ritual Miasma indeed induce a miasma that's ritualistic, burrowing deep within the subconscious with a pulsing bestiality. Unlike their so-called "bestial" brethren, however, ZIGGURAT do not hide behind obfuscating cavernousness; instead, each construction is disarmingly clear and immediately engaging. No-bullshit potency lies at the heart of this Ritual Miasma.


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Ziggurat "Ritual Miasma" (12")

Ziggurat "Ritual Miasma" (12")