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Ascended Dead "Ritus Mortuus" (CD)

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Weight 100gr.
Year 2021
Format CD

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Formed back in 2011 ASCENDED DEAD presents here a self financed effort with all their material available before their debut album. For those that have not heard about this Californian Death Metal band, their sound is a noisy amalgamation between AUTOPSY, INCANTATION and some early MAYHEM in it. This compilation starts with their second recording, that was released back in the day as also a compilation for two recording sessions that were supposed to be released as splits but ended up here. The recording is good enough for the style of the band, who has a rather muddy and dark asphyxiating sound, but it actually works for them. At times they reminded me of the great Swedish band KARNARIUM in style and essence. Following this recording we are again faced with two songs, also featured on the EP, although they are a bit different as the takes used were from a pre-production session. Then we have the debut demo which (although with low production values) has a quite organic sound and feeling. The rehearsal like qualities are definitely present, yet for some reason they reminded me of many early demos of brutal Death Metal bands from the 90s. After that we have some live recordings that have a low budget sound, yet we have a SEPULTURA cover from their “Morbid Visions” days that also could be used to compare the brutal style of the band. Having heard their debut album released last year, and having somewhere around that killer EP I was expecting something more, and although a very good album, I am sure that these maniacs sooner or later will release something that will make the sun irradiate black rays and eradicate life. If you like the band and cannot get their early material this is one of those compilations worthy.


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Ascended Dead "Ritus Mortuus" (CD)

Ascended Dead "Ritus Mortuus" (CD)