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Kommando Baphomet "Under The Deathsign" (CD)

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Weight 105gr.
Year 2020
Format CD

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What the two executioners created in their irreversibly twisted and perverted minds, and then forged in their blood-dripping and carcass-reeking trenches, is an invincible black / death / war metal monster bound to annihilate with crunchy, slamming and devastating guitars, psychotic, hellishly deep and distorted vocals accompanied by unstoppable and crushing rhythm section, battlefield sound and sonic warfare atmosphere! No need to refer to any particular track, the whole album is but uninterrupted sonic onslaught indeed! So characteristic of N and Vulturius' previous output (spawned within various deathly ranks), those elements are also omnipresent, overwhelming and just as lethal on 'Under the Design'. In fact, there's more of everything, and its suffocating stench of pure iniquity, unimaginable intensity and brutality as well as macabre and ghoulish sound and aura (straight from the unfathomable abyss of old school caverns and catacombs) only take the whole stuff to a higher level. Pure evil has been unleashed, untamed ruthlessness has been unchained, and unprecedented barbarity has been unearthed....


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Kommando Baphomet "Under The Deathsign" (CD)

Kommando Baphomet "Under The Deathsign" (CD)

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