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Pyre "Human Hecatomb" (DigipakCD)


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Weight 55gr.
Year 2018
Format DigipakCD

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Pyre releases one of the best albums in the old school Death Metal style. From Russia, the band is taking what the country is best known for - raw, caustic Death Metal - and merging it with Swedish Death Metal influences to create a form of music that is universally awed. It's old school right down to its genes and it's as convincing as it can get. The music is reminiscent of the greats like Asphyx, Morgoth, Entombed, Dismember, Comecon and rivals most of its recent peers trying to do the same thing. This isn't mere revivalist music, but one that's well-studied, understood, and emerging from a place that is known to pay honourable tribute to the powerful old style of Death Metal.


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Pyre "Human Hecatomb" (DigipakCD)

Pyre "Human Hecatomb" (DigipakCD)

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