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Promethean Misery "Tied Up With Strings" (CD)

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Weight 90gr.
Year 2018
Format CD

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Doom metal has become a genre that is in constant flux, with artists constantly re-imagining and reinventing its timbre and manipulating its characteristics. This most recent album from Promethean Misery aim sto capture the dark melancholic atmosphere often embraced by doom metal, but stretches the instrumentation and how it can be used in the genre. So if you're a fan of doom metal, and open to something that sits just outside the realms of distorted guitar, than give this a go. Promethean Misery is an ongoing tale of misery; a collection of pieces composed over many years by Australian solo artist Samantha Kempster. The use of piano, voice, violin, percussion, and other orchestral and distorted elements, are interwoven into melancholic melodies, and dark deep riffs. Each songs features these instruments in different capacities, giving each song its own identity, while maintaining the melancholic feel. This is a phenomenal new album. This is a Masterpiece.


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Promethean Misery "Tied Up With Strings" (CD)

Promethean Misery "Tied Up With Strings" (CD)