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Tough Riffs Issue 9 (Fanzine)

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Year 2019
Format Fanzine

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Autumn season has finally arrived, and as the days are getting shorter TOUGH RIFFS MAGAZINE rises from the dead once more to provide you with yet another dose of ghastly reading material you can sink your broken teeth into! Issue number 9 IS ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE; it offers another rotten fist full of interviews, featuring bands such as Krypts, Incantation, a huge and in-depth Nunslaughter interview, Full Of Hell, Gorguts plus several others, the return of the “News From The Crypt” column with plenty of short interviews and introductions on fresh band corpses such as Fulci, Charnel Altar, Cystic Embalment, Skullsmasher, Frozen Soul and many more, the “Diabolique” special taking a close look at classic horror flicks PLUS a seriously big fucking MAYHEM special !!!

Supplemented by a fine Carcass-inspired cover artwork, it’s got 96 A4 sized pages this time (yeah, it’s BIG), all written in English, wrapped in classic black-an-white design.


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Tough Riffs Issue 9 (Fanzine)

Tough Riffs Issue 9 (Fanzine)

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